Detailed Instructions On European Football Betting For Newbies

Football betting at bookmakers is certainly no longer strange to many people. However, many people do not really understand what European football betting is like? How to play and how to read the odds? Besides, what are the experiences when participating in the game to be able to bring home the biggest prizes? If this is also an issue that you are interested in, please join 10jili to find out the details in the sharing below. 

What are European football betting?

What are European football betting?

European football betting are also known as 1×2 odds. This is one of the types of bets that soccer betting enthusiasts consider to be the simplest, easiest to play and requires less thinking, among the types of soccer bets today. 

When participating in betting on European football odds, bookmakers will give odds corresponding to the win – draw – loss of any football match and you will base your bet on that. 

Even on the football field, no one can predict anything and of course the stronger team is not always the winning team. Therefore, although it is just a game of chance, this football bet will make you less tired, without having to think about the loss of half the ball. 

The most accurate way to read European football betting

Although it is one of the simplest types of bets, not everyone knows how to read European football betting most accurately. If you are also a rookie, you must understand the rules and read the house odds to be confident in winning. 

How to read European football betting

First, you need to understand what 1×2 symbolizes. Actually: 

  • 1: represents the home team: If you bet on the home team to win, you will choose 1.
  • X: is the symbol of the draw between the two teams (Draw): When you choose this door, and the two teams have the result of the match, that is, you will be the winner.
  • 2: is the symbol of the away team (Away team): If you choose this door and the away team wins, it proves that you will win the bet. 
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Types of European football betting

In European soccer bets, there are usually two main types of bets: betting on the result of the whole match or betting on the first half of the match. 

  • For example, if you set the first half of the match, it will be denoted as 1H.1×2, also known as Half 1×2. 
  • When you bet on the whole match, it is FT.1×2 or Full time 1×2. 

Example of house odds of European football 

Example of house odds of European football 

To help you better understand this type of bet, you can refer to the following example: 

Looking at the image above, we will notice that the European odds ratio is 1×2 corresponding to 2.51 (Win) – 3.10 (Draw) – 2.51 (Lose).

  • If you bet on the home team to win by 1, and after the match the home team wins, you will receive 2.51 of the original amount. That means if you initially bet 100k, after the match you will have 251k.
  • Similarly, if you bet on a tie and you win, the amount will be 3.1 times the original amount. That means if you initially play 100k, then after the match you will have 310k.
  • Finally, if you bet on the away team and win, the amount will now be multiplied by 2.51 times as if you bet on the home team to win. 

The fastest and most accurate betting experience according to European football betting

The fastest and most accurate betting experience according to European football betting

Whether you have a lot of experience betting on bookmakers, or are new to betting on European football. You should also pocket some quick betting experience to be able to reap the most valuable rewards. 

Do not bet on European football according to the majority

When participating, many people who do not have experience will often play according to the crowd effect. But this is completely wrong, because many bookmakers will take advantage of odds to let people pour money into the wrong door.

Therefore, you need to learn carefully about the team, as well as information before playing, to avoid unnecessary losses. Information about the match is often shared quite widely on forums. You need to filter information to make judgments before placing a bet.

Learn about the past confrontation history of the two teams

Before placing a bet, you should learn about the confrontation history of the two teams in the past. What form did the two teams play and what was their lineup? 

Besides, you can also learn more about the current squad, the playing tactics of the two recent teams and their coaches, to be able to make more accurate predictions and bets. 

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Learn about the importance of the match

If you understand the meaning of the match results. It will definitely help me predict much more accurately. 

If, whether it’s a draw or a win, you can still enter the next qualifying round, the nature of the match will be completely different from if you don’t win, you may be eliminated. Based on these characteristics, you can make more suitable choices. 

Limit playing European football betting in the first half

Usually, at the beginning, the players have not really exerted themselves yet. Besides, the two sides are still playing with a stance that references the opponent’s tactics. 

Therefore, even if we have carefully studied the two teams, the first half of the match will sometimes have results that we do not expect. 

Choose a reputable bookmaker to participate in betting

Choosing the number 1 bookmaker to play, you will avoid unnecessary risks. Therefore, whether participating in European football betting or participating in any game, reputable bookmaker 10jili also advises you to choose a side to deposit gold, both literally and figuratively. 

Play with the most stable mind

There have been many cases of people participating in betting in an unstable state of mind. The mood is broken, you win or lose, or you are extremely tired but still participate in the game. 

This can seriously affect your own judgment. That’s why, reputable bookmaker 10jili thinks that you should only participate in playing when your state of mind is most stable. 

Know how to manage cash flow when playing

Please allocate your cash flow in the most reasonable way when participating in European football betting in particular and betting games in general to avoid getting burned. 

When playing, be really alert, don’t follow the crowd’s bets. Because as mentioned above, sometimes bookmakers will also create effects to attract more players to participate. 

Above are shares about European football betting, and the most detailed information about this bet. Besides, there are experiences that the number 1 bookmaker 10jili has collected from experts, to help you make more informed choices. If you do not have a reputable address to play, you can register at bookmaker number 1 10jili to participate and enjoy great incentives.

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